Land to the South of Sutton-in-Ashfield Sewage Works, Coxmoor Road, Sutton-in-Ashfield, NG17 4NE

The Offer

The majority of the site is within Flood Zone 1 meaning that it is has a low flood risk (part of the eastern boundary is within Flood Zone 2). Visit for more information regarding flooding.


The vendor is disposing of the freehold title. Copies of the title information are available in the data room.

Note that there will be a restrictive covenant prohibiting residential use of the site.


Freehold. The site is available with vacant possession.


Although the site has no specific allocation in the 2002 Ashfield Local Plan it is located in the main urban area of Sutton in Ashfield and therefore, in accordance with the Plan saved policies, there is a presumption in favour of new employment development on land ‘not allocated or safeguarded for other purposes’.

A planning review completed in January 2020 by Wardell Armstrong is included in the data room

We recommend potential purchasers make their own enquiries of the Local Authority regarding planning matters. For information please visit Sutton-in-Ashfield Local Council


The purchaser will buy the property as seen and shall accept a transfer of all environmental liability at completion in the vendor’s standard form and will indemnify the vendor against all liabilities arising.

  • There are four man holes that lie on top the sewer parallel to Coxmoor road, as highlighted yellow on the easement plan. These could be moved at the purchaser’s cost.
  • At the northern end of the site that leads to the Severn Trent retained lane, the vendor will install a new fence at this boundary.
  • On the easement plan, there is a small square area of retained land edged in light blue. The vendor will create a new fence around the perimeter of this land.


The property will be elected for VAT and VAT will therefore be payable on the purchase price.

Data Room

For further information on this opportunity please visit the dedicated data room.

Agents for this property

Caroline Penn-Smith
Direct Dial: 0121 306 0376
Mobile: 07342 067831

Jamie Kelly
Direct Dial: 020 7062 3081
Mobile: 07788 362180